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Lovely food

Sheila, 09 Apr 2021

Tasty food

Ralph, 08 Apr 2021

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Placed a rather big order totalling £93. All orders arrived correct and hot. This is by far the best Indian takeaway in my local area. Not a dissatisfied customer in sight tonight

Geoff, 06 Apr 2021

Never disappoints!

Emma, 03 Apr 2021

Really really tasty vegetable dhansak & super fresh piping hot chapati - excellent food

Mazza Fazza, 14 Mar 2021

Really good vegetarian curries - that paneer tikka masala: ooh yeeah boi

Ibby, 28 Feb 2021

Lovely food delivered on time

Jenny, 26 Feb 2021

Award winning takeaway. Lovely food every time. Great service, with quick delivery. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Derek Ingram , 26 Feb 2021


Pbirds, 12 Feb 2021

Great food

P Birds, 12 Feb 2021

Absolutely fantastic food

Andrea, 08 Feb 2021

Great food and service. Particularly impressed by delivery during heavy snow. Thank you

Lucy, 06 Feb 2021

Excellent food just forgot our mint sauce last time but will correct tonight.

David, 06 Feb 2021

Normally excellent but ordered a pickle tray with meal tonight and got three tubs of raita, no pickles. Tried calling (5 times) but no answer.

Mark, 30 Jan 2021

Really great food! What a nice discovery! Will be ordering again. Apologies to the delivery man who had to wait for me to open the door, really sorry. Cheers!

Keith, 28 Jan 2021

Excellent quality and taste guaranteed

Nigel, 16 Jan 2021

Proper Indian cuisine always very nice never different

Nigel, 16 Jan 2021

Lovely good and friendly staff. Easy to use online ordering process.

Joanne, 16 Jan 2021

ordering online is a joke - tried 3 times all failed

John, 15 Jan 2021

Excellent fast friendley service as always. Excellent food of the gighest quality. Highlt recommended!

Peter Fu, 13 Jan 2021

I come back every need to say more :)

Richard, 03 Jan 2021

Always value and good

Stuart, 23 Dec 2020

Don't know if you've started using a new butcher but the lamb in our recent orders has been really very poor.

Mark Watkin, 21 Dec 2020

Really like Cafe Masala curries

Janet, 19 Dec 2020

My regular take away no where else can compare

Nigel S Merrick, 12 Dec 2020

Always a great service, always amazing food.

Sam, 11 Dec 2020